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Scott Sambell

About Scott Anchor

Scott is a field worker who got tired of "Walking the line" day after day and decided to dedicate his life to developing systems that make field work in conservation more efficient and effective.

He holds licences for many controlled substances used in pest control, a NZ firearms licence, drone pilot's licence, has extensive outdoor risk management experience and qualifications, and is a fully certified conservation dog handler

He co-founded the company Econode in 2016 which manufactures IoT (Internet of Things) nodes that now monitor predator traps all over New Zealand.

Described as a "Power User" of ArcGIS by Esri senior management, Scott is constantly pushing the capabilities of what this platform can do and has subsequently become a leader in ArcGIS Online and its associated apps.

In 2018 he was recognised for his achievements at the New Zealand Spatial Excellence awards, winning both the Environment and Sustainability Category, and the Supreme Award. 

He has since been recognised internationally for his efforts, winning the Environment and Sustainability Award at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards  |  +64 0211 802493

About Emma Anchor

Dr Emma Cronin

Since completing her PhD in 2000, Emma has been involved in the marine and environmental science sectors, working both locally and internationally with government and private organisations on numerous research, conservation and tertiary education projects.  


Emma is experienced and skilled in operating and managing field based studies, and possesses a strong passion for increasing the awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.  |  +64 021 2676213

About Willy

Willy Gamble


Willy has a unique mix of experience in front line community conservation and GIS development. The southernmost member of the Ethos team, he resides remotely on Stewart island/ Rakiura and is actively involved in SIRCET (Stewart Island / Rakiura community & Environment Trust)

As both an end user of technology in field roles and a GIS specialist, Willy walks the walk and knows the importance of geospatial technology to vastly improve the efficiency and outreach of conservation operations.

About Chad

Chad Benham


Chad is a GIS analyst from the Utilities, Airports, and Tech support industries who has been looking high and low for a way to use his computer skills to make the environment a better place for people and the animals that we want to protect.  

He grew up in the USA where he started out years ago as a Biologist, then after discovering he liked computers better than microbial DNA went on to get his Master's Degree in GIS. Several years ago he decided to turn his world (literally!) upside down and relocate to beautiful New Zealand. Living in Dunedin, he is also an active volunteer for GIS in Conservation.  When he's not behind a computer screen, you will find him outdoors somewhere in Otago on a bicycle.

Abou Paul

Paul Kviecinskas


From a young age Paul enjoyed the outdoors and looking at maps. Back then it was paper only and he had a dream of becoming a cartographer.  Since then Paul studied ecology and has experience as a field worker, consultant and Manager both in the private and public sectors both in New Zealand and Australia.

Along with developing and managing a number of conservation and ecological projects, his roles have lead him to become experienced in geospatial/GIS systems and to recognise how important these are in planning, analysing, monitoring and reporting for better conservation outcomes.

Maryanne Read

About Maryanne

Maryanne spent her youth travelling the world. While traveling around the varied landscapes of South America she was inspired to give University another go.
Three years later she had a Bachelor of Science majoring in applied Conservation and GIS.  Maryanne has since then spent time in the field setting up and servicing a trap network, in the office applying her geospatial knowledge, and completing a few postgraduate papers.

Maryanne is always on the quest to learn something new, currently learning Te Reo Maori on the side, raising babies, and walking dogs through the beautiful landscapes of Waiheke Island.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Chan


A wannabe field worker, Lindsay finds herself scheming up ways to use her data nerd skills to get out into the field. She spent 5 years as part of the DOC GIS team where she specialised in eradication and predator control and even had a stint down on Auckland Island as the data guru for the feral cat program. 

In 2021, she was named as one of Geospatial World's 50 Rising Stars for her work on the Maukahuka Pest Free Auckland Island and Watch This Space a charitable trust she started that captures photos and the stories behind street art in Christchurch, which contributes to the city's history throughout its rebuild post 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. 

About Milly

Milly, the rat dog

Brushed with the unfortunate tar of being the cutest Fox Terrier cross Jack Russel in the world, Milly finds it difficult to gain the respect she believes she deserves, being an expert in tracking rats.  

Milly and Scott are a fully certified team in DOC's "Conservation Dogs" program.


Milly and Scott have been all over New Zealand to some of the most important biodiversity areas in the country, in their work to keep these unique places free of rodents.  After 9 years of working with each other on hundreds of projects, they know a thing or two about rats!

About Rose

Rose Morcom

From the Coromandel, and with a background in administration and finance, Rose has joined Ethos Environmental as the Office Manager to work behind the scenes to enable the team to get on with what they do best.

wix shot.JPG

A keen interest in conservation, working as a part time volunteer coordinating a couple of local conservation groups and a fascination with GIS and the great outdoors are interests that compliment an understanding of the work and projects that the team are working on.

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