Scott Sambell


Scott is a field worker who got tired of "Walking the line" day after day and decided to dedicate his life to developing systems that make field work in conservation more efficient and effective.

He holds licences for many controlled substances used in pest control, a NZ firearms licence, drone pilot's licence, has extensive outdoor risk management experience and qualifications, and is a fully certified conservation dog handler

He co-founded the company Econode in 2016 which manufactures IoT (Internet of Things) nodes that now monitor predator traps all over New Zealand.

Described as a "Power User" of ArcGIS by Esri senior management, Scott is constantly pushing the capabilities of what this platform can do and has subsequently become a leader in ArcGIS Online and its associated apps.

He was recently recognised for his achievements at the New Zealand Spatial Excellence awards, winning both the Environment and Sustainability Category, and the Supreme Award. 

He was then recognised internationally for his efforts, winning the Environment and Sustainability Award at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards  |  +64 0211 802493

Dr Emma Cronin


Since completing her PhD in 2000, Emma has been involved in the marine and environmental science sectors, working both locally and internationally with government and private organisations on numerous research, conservation and tertiary education projects.  

Emma is experienced and skilled in operating and managing field based studies, and possesses a strong passion for increasing the awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.  |  +64 021 2676213

Milly, the rat dog


Brushed with the unfortunate tar of being the cutest Fox Terrier cross Jack Russel in the world, Milly finds it difficult to gain the respect she believes she deserves, being an expert in tracking rats.  

Milly and Scott are a fully certified team in DOC's "Conservation Dogs" program.

Milly and Scott have been all over New Zealand to some of the most important biodiversity areas in the country, in their work to keep these unique places free of rodents.  After 6 years of working with each other on hundreds of projects, they know a thing or two about rats!


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