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Bay of Plenty Regional Council comprehensive pest plant data management system

We worked closely with Biosecurity Officers from Bay of Plenty Regional council to create this comprehensive Regional Pest Management Plan invasive weeds system which is now the gold standard in regional council weed data management.
It has now been duplicated for Waikato Regional Council and Northland Regional Council and could form the template of a national data standard for Aotearoa.
Several of our staff have field experience on the ground controlling the very species the are included in this system, so we knew what needed to be done and "speak the same language" as the Biosecurity Officers.
The system has evolved and expanded as the RPMP rules and the needs of the client have changed over time. This is why ArcGIS Online was the ideal tool for the job as the system can be changed iteratively with little disruption to the workflow for field workers and office staff.
The system uses a unique schema to keep track of the size and density of infestations over time and many complex analyses to report on the success of the control programme.
The CRM for keeping track of property compliance uses a specially developed connection to existing property and parcel rates datasets which ensures the system is using the most up to date boundary data with all the security that you would expect when dealing with sensitive data.
But most importantly, it is simple and intuitive for the field worker to use. Being field workers ourselves that is our first priority because if people want to use your app, you get good data coming in and eveything else flows from there

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