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Hauraki Gulf Islands biosecurity

Creating systems and integrating biosecurity/biodiversity data for islands in the Hauraki Gulf for Auckland Council

Auckland Council have now entered the era of ArcGIS cloud data systems and we are pleased to be assisting them on that journey.
The Hauraki Gulf is our backyard and, with systems that have been in operation for many years such as the those on Great Barrier and Waiheke Islands, we are now creating integrations to bring our ArcGIS Online data into their new ArcGIS Enterprise system known as "Ruru".
We are also providing advice and IP on what we have learned over the decades of manging geodatabases of pest control data. From field apps to office systems there is not much we haven't created over the years and its great to be able to share that knowledge with Auckland Council as they adopt this technology and we work towards a common goal.

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