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Kete Taiao

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Community Group conservation system

76 community groups, 3 umbrella organisations and hundreds of users across 3 separate portals, all entering data for Trapping, Baiting, Monitoring, volunteer hours, weeds, native planting, hazards and hunting.
This is the Bay of Plenty "Kete Taiao" system built on ArcGIS Online
Every 4 months the system gets an upgrade with additional functionality, as voted on by the users. There is no limit to what you can build with ArcGIS Online and the users themselves often come up with ideas that we hadn't imagined.
Bay of Plenty Regional Council, the Bay Conservation Alliance and Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku trust all operate within the same extent and all do similar wok so it makes sense to have them all using the same system but with enough separation that they can't access each others data unless there is a mutual agreement to combine certain reporting. Each group has their own portal so they can "own" certain sensitive data such as Wahi Tapu information which is securely hidden from all other users.
Managers from each group can use the desktop interface to report to their funders, trust boards and managers and keep them up to date in real time on their mahi and the progress of individual projects or the entire region as a whole.
As ArcGIS Online continues to become more and more powerful each year, there is no telling what systems such as Kete Taiao will be able to evolve into. But as long as the users keep asking for it, we will keep building it.

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