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National Marine Vessel Portal

A national system to track marine pest transmission on boat hulls using the very first ArcGIS Hub Premium to "go live" in New Zealand

Occasionally we are asked to build a system that is like no other we have built and has no precedent. The Top of the North Marine Vessel Portal was an example of a system that had been attempted by others previous to us but had proved too technically difficult to actualise.
This system has now officially "gone live" and is the first system in Aotearoa that uses ArcGIS Hub Premium to do so.
Ethos Environmental are world famous in New Zealand for building spatial data systems using ArcGIS Online and FME for tracking both the wonderful threatened native species that are unique to our isolated archipelago, and also the blood-thristy introduced invasive species that are trying to kill them all.
We have built systems for tracking rats, mustelids, possums, hedgehogs, a plethora of super endangered birds, killer ants, skinks that multiply like they were part of a zombie apocalypse, New Zealand's largest lizard that just refuses to remain extinct, a giant Australian bush chicken, and every possible invasive weed from Bat-wing passion flower to the infamous "Apple of Sodom" (yes they are actually the names of two of our targets).
So far everything we have done has either been on the ground, underground or in the air so it seemed like a natural progression when we were asked to create a system for tracking invasive pests - underwater
Yes, aquatic pests that travel on the hulls of boats, so we needed a system to keep track of boats.
But boats (in NZ) do not have unique identifiers.
So how can you track the movement of thousands of features if they do not have unique identifiers?
Put simply, through the power of FME, some very clever architecture and, once again pushing the out-of-the-box ArcGIS Online tools to their absolute limit (and then asking Esri to kindly extend that limit so we can achieve our conservation goals)

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