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Northland Deer Eradication

Region wide deer eradication in Northland. A colloboration between Northland Regional Council and the Department of Conservation

Northland Regional Council have decided to undertake the very ambitious task of eradicating deer from their entire region. This is a complex operation with many factors to consider and so it required an appropriate GIS to manage their operations and data.
This GIS has an integral CRM to mange property access and reporting including the working deer farms in the region that will continue to operate. We've also mapped areas of most likely deer presence according to habitat and vegetation to give the team a fighting chance at pinpointing where deer remain as they gradually eliminate them. Each deer sighting or shooting is recorded and mapped with many details recorded including DNA samples to give us an indication of how many may be remaining still.
The council are working with the Department of Conservation on this project so we have set up a collaboration between the two agencies to share data and hopefully give them a fighting chance to achieve this pioneering goal.

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