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Waikato Regional Council comprehensive pest plant data management system

With the success of Bay of Plenty Regional Council's "Geopest" system, their neighbours to the West approached us to recreate the system on their own ArcGIS Online portal.
We began by "copy and pasting" exactly what BOPRC had commissioned us to create (with their permission) but as the needs of the Waikato officers were slightly different, the system was then developed to cover their specific needs.
Although the property compliance part of the system ended up being completely different, we were careful to keep the pest plant infestation schema closely aligned to Bay of Plenty's as this gives us the ability track infestations across borders and, one day, form the basis for a national system once more regional councils adopt the same system. (As it turns out we have now "copy and pasted" onto Northland Regional Council's ArcGIS Online portal and are going through the process of adapting the system to their needs)

This system includes the usual tools that we normally use such as ArcGIS Field Maps, Quickcapture, Survey123, Dashboards and Experience Builder but it also takes advantage of ArcGIS Tracker and Workforce to deploy field workers to the correct location with precise instructions and track their movements while on the task.
It also contains a specially developed component for keeping track of budgeting for each project and management area which is in sync with the invoices submitted by contractors as the year progresses.

The system also uses some complex FME processes, hosted on our FME server which worked out easier for the client to outsource to us rather than host it on their own infrastructure.

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