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Predator Free 2050 Data Standards

A national standard for all pest animal control data

When the ambitious goals of Predator Free 2050 were announced in 2016, we knew that there would need to be some equally ambitious data management system created if we had any chance of achieving this moonshot.
There are a lot of systems around the country that invasive pest data is recorded on, from simple excel spreadsheets to complex multi-tiered systems such as Kete Taiao which we developed for Bay of Plenty Regional Council. In order to know if we are on the right track to eliminate predators by 2050, and indeed to know if we have achieved that goal, we will need a standard for reporting and compiling data. We have been involved is designing this standard since its inception and now we are at the stage where we are designing the system that could ingest all the pest control data for the entire country and host it in a centralised repository.
Around the world there are many examples systems built with Esri ArcGIS technology that host datasets much larger than this will be and with more connectors than we will need, so we know that it is possible. Once we have created it we will be one step closer to creating a safe haven where our native species can once again thrive - for good.

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