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Predator Free Pēwhairangi Whānui

A Predator Free 2050 project with 4 partners working seperately but in cooperation

Following the popularity and success of the Predator Free Whangarei system, Northland Regional Council and their partners asked us to recreate the system for their next Predator Free 2050 project.
The Predator Free Pēwhairangi Whānui system was more complex though as it involves 4 separate groups working independently but towards the same goals on the same project. The brief was for certain managers to be able to view the project as a whole but for workers and project managers to only view and edit their own projects' data.
Traditionally this is done using View Layers in ArcGIS Online but we have a much more streamlined method that we developed for Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Kete Taiao system that uses data driven pages to keep the data separate. This method allows us to either make system wide changes on a master item or individual changes to each groups' interface and mobile apps, speeding up the development process considerably.
When we begin a new build we usually start with one of our templates as, chances are, we have built what the client needs several times before. This is yet another example of starting with a template and then developing the system to be exactly what the client needs. Meanwhile, in the back-end we ensure the structure is maintained such that this project can be integrated with other projects such as Predator Free Whangarei and, ultimately, with the Predator Free 2050 data standards.
We have been a partner in the development of the PF2050 data standards since the idea was first conceived and we ensure that all our systems will be compliant and, hopefully, one day feed into it, giving us a nation wide picture of pest animal control in Aotearoa

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