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Te Korowai o Waiheke

Predator Free Waiheke Island - Stoat and Rat eradication of the largest permanently populated island yet attempted

Te Korowai o Waiheke is a community led Predator Free 2050 project and one of the most ambitious of its kind.

At the time of inception this was the largest permanently populated island that an eradication had ever been attempted on, which meant the GIS had to factor in more that just planning, analysing and reporting predator control. The crucial part of the Waiheke system that ensures the success of the project is the comprehensive CRM system that provides the client with a central authoritative database of all interactions with landowners. As part of the planning for the locations of the ~2000 stoat traps required to cover the island a survey was conducted to collect information on critical information about landowners, their support of the project, access permissions and health and safety issues. Without this carefully constructed CRM, Te Korowai o Waiheke project would not be the success it is today. We have used this CRM model with several clients since first creating it for the Waiheke system and have it refined to a simple and powerful tool for all users, from field workers to administrators.

With over 110,000 trap services, they are well on their way of eradicating stoats from the island permanently and the task of eradicating rats is now looking more and more like a possibility!

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