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Waikato Rabbit Control

Monitoring and reporting on rabbit populations in the Waikato Region and beyond

Waikato Regional Council required a simple and fast tool for collecting data for their rabbit surveys using evidence they collect in the field.
The obvious choice for this application was ArcGIS Quickcapture. The user begins a tracklog at the start of the survey then walks for one or two kms along a transect and uses "the big button app" to record the location and severity of various rabbit sign. Once the survey is complete they press submit and the dashboards (with a bit of assistance from an FME process) take care of the rest.
Traditionally, rabbit surveys use a system of measurement called a McLeans Scale to measure the intensity of the the rabbit infestation. A special aspect of this GIS is that it uses an algorithm to calculate the McLeans scale of the rabbit infestation through the individual observations observed along the transect. The more surveys that are done, the more accurate the algorithm becomes.
Waikato Regional Council were generous enough to allow Greater Wellington Regional Council to use this system as well to assist in their own rabbit surveys, but also to feed the algorithm, making it even more accurate
This could form the basis for a national system where all councils are using the same standardised measurement system. Through the use of the ubiquitous ArcGIS Online, which all councils have access to, this is now a possibility

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