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Waikato Rook Eradication

Tracking and controlling Rooks across the Waikato Region

In a first for our team, we were approached by a Regional Council pest officer regarding a species that none of us had ever worked with before!
Regardless to say we were very keen to apply our years of experience building systems for other species on the invasive rook population that is spreading across the Waikato region. The system ended up being quite a basic one from a development perspective and used our standard tools such as ArcGIS Field Maps, Dashboards and Experience Build to collect, analyse and report on the location and potential spread of these birds.
An FME process predicts the potential range of the birds once a nest has been identified and the treatment of nests and search areas are tracked over time.
As always our first consideration in developing a system is the ease of use and intuitive functionality of the field app, because if your field workers don't want to use it, then you will not have good data and the system is flawed from the start. This is especially true when your field workers are treating a bird nest with a caulking gun while hanging below a moving helicopter!

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